LilwermScape steel dragons

Steel Dragons:

Steel dragons are used as one of LilwermScape's training NPC's. They have a total of 200 hitpoints, and they max around 3 hitpoints on you (no need for an Anti Dragon Shield or DFS). I advise you start combat training on Soldiers at Home, and get rune armor, but after that, with a little food, you can finally kill steel dragons with no problems.

You can access the steel dragon lair by clicking on the frog princess's portal at Home.

There are a total of 15 steel dragons in LilwermScape's steel dragon lair.


A drop table for steel dragons will be added soon, but for the time being, I would like to say that most to all drops from steel dragons can be either sold in the general shop, or high alched for tons of gp.

Drop Notes Shop Value Drop Rate

Dragon Bones

9k gp 100%
Steel Bar 32 gp 100%
Coins 50k gp 2%
Coins 75k gp 1%
Dragon Dagger (s) 16k gp 17%
Dragon Sq. Shield 48k gp 2%
Dragon Platelegs 2m gp 6%
Dragon Boots 400k gp
Dragon Chainmail 8m gp 1%
Dragon Plate 4m gp
Dragon Full Helm N/A
Draconic Visage
Abyssal Whip 1m gp 2%
Frog Mask 11%
Blue Beret 9%
White Beret 9%
Black Beret 9%
Black Cavalier 9%
Brown Cavalier 9%
Tan Cavalier 9%

This may not be accurate, but it will be updated.


  • Steel dragons used to drop partyhats in LilwermScape V2, but as private servers become more obsessed with economy, they were later removed as drops towards the opening of LilwermScape V3.
  • Although steels are a great method of combat training, going in with no levels, armor, and/or food can result in death if you are not paying attention.
  • As mentioned on the Money Making page, your first 100m gp in-game is more than likely to come from steel dragon drops.