LilwermScape's Home

LilwermScape's Home:

As a fan of oldschool private servers, I tried to keep the oldschool feel for the homeplace. As a matter of fact, when the private servers were still in their oldschool phase, this was the home that was used in LilwermScape V2. It's set up in such a way that is useful to newer players as well as older players.


The NPC's in the home area are all useful. We have shops placed evenly in lines for fast access.

The shops are as follows:

Armour Salesman Armors used for range
Brian Range supplies (arrows, bows, etc.)
Aubury Runes
Zaff Range armors
Herquin General shop (buys most tradable items)
Thessalia Clothing for skillers
Bob Skillcapes (also Quest NPC)
Bandit Shop Keeper Herblore supplies
Numorf Axes, pickaxes, and hammer
Giles Misc. weapons and armor
Easter Bunny

PK supplies

  • There is an NPC to change the appearal of your character,
  • There are soldiers who are good for beginner training and drop rune armor.
  • There is a slayer NPC that gives you tasks and has a shop of his own.
  • There is an NPC that teleports you to the safe agility arena.
  • There is an NPC that gives you membership.


As far as objects, there are altars that you can use to switch magic spellbooks and train or refill prayer. There is a bank booth for easy banking. There is a dungeon entrance to the Kalphite Queen lair. There are portals that can be used to get to places, most of which are not available in the spellbook teleports.


  • The home place was used in LilwermScape V2. Although it wasn't exactly the same as you see it. Many things were not brought back from LilwermScape V2 due to the lack of importance.
  • In the early stage of LilwermScape V3, the home place was in Al Kharid, and it was requested by a few people that the old home be brought back.
  • There is a teleport to rock crabs for training combat in the spellbook, but there really is no need because the rock crab area is to the near West of the home place.